la passione per il buon cibo italiano


The original Italian wrap weloveitaly is produced with extra virgin olive oil, without animal additives and therefore suitable for all the most refined palates.


From the italian regional recipes we sampled the sauces that best represent the tradition of our country. They are suitable to pasta and to polenta.


The italian corn cream is a typical product of the folk tradition of northern Italy. The great versatility that can be paired with meat, sauces, fish and vegetables.


The great classic of typical Italian products is proposed in weloveitaly as an artisan product ready in comfortable slices. It takes just a few minutes and the product is ready to be served with our comfortable take-away pack.


An integral part of Italian popular culture, is proposed in weloveitaly not only on the traditional plate. In our practical take-away pack that preserves taste and freshness, and simplifies the consumption outdoor.


Among Italian culinary delights, potato gnocchi are distinguished for their quality and taste. Our gnocchi are passed one by one in the grater giving them the shape and flavor of traditional homemade gnocchi.


Classic Italian dessert tradition in a convenient single-serving portion

Panna Cotta

A delicious desserts in a convenient single-serving portion.


Our crêpes can be stuffed with jam or chocolate. It takes just a few seconds and the product can be served with our pratical take-away pack.